Friday, August 1, 2008



Yesterday i went for outstation with my boss.We went other custom station which nearby to HQ...About half an hour journey but i still managed to crochet some flower in his car.Luckily my boss is very supportive and sporting.His cute and understanding even he ask me to crochet him a pair of gloves.He is younger than me.Well he have higher qualification.....He have a degree..That's why he can be the boss..

The purpose we go to the station because we held a on job training for all the officer there.Me as the teacher and my boss busy meeting with all the pkpk.And we conclude our mission on that day succesfull.During lunch he treated me with KFC..He 'mengidam' to eat KFC for a long time he says.Hu hu boss...lepas ni kene mengidam lak Secret Recipe ke..

Today starts PC Fair 1- 3 Ogos.I think i want to buy new gadget..He he kalau ade cukop duitnye..

Well friend this is my finished crochet pouch.You can see my little princess try it.Yesterday is her birthday.Turn to two years old.Ayah n ibu n hijjaz love you so much dear.

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  1. Nat, ko wat ler henpon pouch kat aku satu.. color merah putih tau... besday aku dah lepas lama dulu.. tp takpe la.. ko kasi ler jgk... hehehhe