Friday, December 7, 2012

# Save Gaza


Please share this for the sake of humanity

Baby killing
Syaheed classmates... how do you feel ?
A baby sister who tried to reach for her dead sister
Was a happy family... but not anymore ..
 9 months pregnancy ... gone
 The last kiss from a mother to her child...
 Fathers standing still
Was a nice and beautiful home....
Who is going to take care of this little boy..?
Aqsa Syarif Malaysia
 This is NOT an excuse for GENOCIDE

 Everybody deserves to have a family, to have a home and to LIVE.

Dimana kita sewaktu GAZA menangis....? Dimana kita...? Dimana kita....? 
Apa yang kita boleh lakukan untuk membantu saudara kita di GAZA :
1. Jangan berhenti berdoa
2. Lancarkan boikot terhadap syarikat yang menyokong kekejaman Zionist
3. Hulurkan bantuan anda dari segi kewangan
“Barang siapa mengerjakan kebaikan seberat zarrah, nescaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya. Dan barang siapa mengerjakan kejahatan seberat zarrah, nescaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya.” Al-Zalzalah: ayat 7-8
The choice is in your hands


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