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Kanser - Bagaimana anda mengharunginya?

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 Sekiranya anda mengalami masalah tersebut anda boleh cuba mendapatkan produk di bawah.

Prevention is better than cure
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Sharing : Cancer testimonial
Products : Daily Produce 24, Chloroplasma diganti dgn Chlorospirulina, Native Legend Tea

From: Lim Eng Hai

Hi Friends,

Please find below a remarkable testimonial about how Ramli, a Malaysian Malay in his 50s with terminal-stage cancer and given 2 weeks to live, fights back with Unicity's Daily Produce 24, Chloroplasma and Native Legend Tea ... and lives.

I first heard this story during a presentation in KL on 2 May 2005 when I had a conversation on stage with Ms Sumana Sing, one of the Unicity leaders in Malaysia. I'm glad Sumana has finally put this happy experience down in writing so that we can share the good news with our friends. In her email, Sumana also shared another testimonial about Vincent who averted chemotherapy by using Daily Produce 24 and Chloroplasma.

Please note that in both cases, instead of 1 serving a day, the cancer patients took 1 to 2 servings every 4 hours.

If those products can help those who are sick or dying, think about what they can do for the rest of us and our family and friends, to help us maintain our wellness.

Everyone is afraid of or at least aware of cancer, but only a small percentage of people are taking action to avert the danger.

So, let's actively spread the word. Promote the use of antioxidants; start by helping ourselves.

How's this for a rallying cry? "An antioxidant every day keeps the dreaded disease at bay!"

Take care, my friends!!!!!!!

-----Original Message-----
From: sumana sing
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 1:02 PM
To: Joan Lim

Hi Joan,

The following is the testimony on Ramli in his early 50s. He is the brother of Jaliah, one of my business partner who is a qualified iridologist and herbalist.

In December 2004, Ramli was given 2 weeks to live by the oncologist in University Hospital and was supposed to go for chemotherapy for his advance stage of nose cancer. The lump stretched from his ear right into his nose and hanged out on his nostrils. He could not eat or talked as it was very painful. Jaliah advised his brother to try alternative instead as many friends and relatives of theirs had passed away and also of intense pain even after undergoing chemotherapy.

Ramli then agreed. However after taking our DP24 and Cloroplasma, Ramli began to have fever. To Jaliah, this was a good sign as the body is beginning to retaliate back. However to the oncologist, that was not welcoming and he instructed Jaliah to stop whatever herbal alternative for Ramli. As Jaliah could not freely adminster DP24 and Chloroplasma (which is just mere fruits, vegetables and food), she insisted that Ramli be discharged from the hospital. After signing a discharge of diability for the hospital, Ramli was allowed to go home. He was given A-Grade morphine and was wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

On the first day home, Jaliah gave every 4 hours 2 each of DP24 fruits and veg, with 2 Chloroplasma. She mixed all these with honey and gave Ramli. Ramli also drank lots of Super Chlorophyll. On the 2nd day, Ramli took 4 of each every 4 hourly. On the second week of his return from the hospital, Jaliah also gave Native Legend Tea to Ramli starting with a sachet in the early morning. A few days later, he was given another sachet in the night. Just 3 weeks after discharging from the hospital, Ramli walked into the clinic of the oncologist with Jaliah. The oncologist was stunned with surprise and asked Jaliah what had happened. He enquired Jaliah which medical school she had graduated from. He quickly summoned 7 other doctors to view this patient who was so different from the day he was discharged. After checking, the oncologist found the previous lump which was visibly hanging from his nostril had shrunk into his nose. He then finally gave Ramli another 3 months to live! Today as I am writing this testimony, Ramli is still alive.

Another Cancer patient named Vincent

Vincent had a lobe of his lung removed and was told by his oncologist in

Singapore to return for chemotherapy should he experience any pain.

A month later, he experienced some pain. I was introduced to him by his friend. I told Vincent to take DP 24 and Chloroplasma, 2 of each every 4 hours. On the 2nd day, he was to take 4 of each. On the 4th day, he went to an oncologist in KL to check before he make his trip to Singapore. The oncologist here was so surprised that he was going for chemotherapy as his red blood and white blood counts were all so high. The oncologist advised Vincent that he could defer his chemotherapy sessions with the strong blood count readings from his blood tests.He further advised Vincent to continue his nutritional supplementation after finding out they had helped him during these 3 days of taking.

All the best with your sharings.


Sumana Sing
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