Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Booties

Salam all

How are you? My first post this week -

Baby booties are worn by babies until they take their first steps. Baby shoes come in every material and every style. Some of the most popular materials used to make these previous shoes are leather, yarn, fleece, cotton and felt. Babies, of course, don’t need a solid bottom on the shoe to give them support, but they do keep your babies feet warm in the winter and protected from the hot sun in the summer.

Booties can be worn alone, or over jumpsuits for extra warmth, They are a very cute addition to any baby outfit.Baby will never have cold feet and will reward you with its best smile.

I love to crochet baby bootie as a gift . I find that crochet technique is easier than knitting. However i love both technique and i wish i have more time to learn the knitting technique to make the booties.

Ok enough story. Lets take a look at my humble crocheted baby booties i've make for my officemate. For her niece


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