Monday, August 10, 2009

Triangle Granny Square


Crocheting Granny Squares

Why do you like to crochet granny squares?

Is it because ...

... it's an easy pattern to learn?

The basic pattern is easy, yes, but there are lots of variations to keep it interesting.

Any color goes; great for using up leftover yarn.

Just vary the color placement of the squares and you've got a whole different afghan.

Wonderful size for a carry-along project!

Crocheting granny square are really addictive.This is my first crochet project when i started learning to crochet a year ago, and the last to finish. During the weekend, i've completed this triangle granny square finally.. I've used more than 10 skeins of this green yarn. I put it on the top of my loyal washing machine to protect it from sunlight and dust.



  1. Wah.... kait lawa lawa, letak kat washing mashine je? Untung mesin basuh tu, hehehe...

  2. hehe sis...mesin tu dah 5 tahun..kire cam reward la for a good services all this time ;)