Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newborn gift

Salam ...

I'm still alive..Busy with and work..and limited time to blog.Since many of my officemates transfered because of promotion/follow's only me left . Many things to catch up. I've always come home with headache.

To release the pain , i crochet/knit while my kids are playing/watching television.And this is a quick project i've made last night.Especially for my friend who had just gave birth on monday through ceaserian.Hope this gift will cheer her up.I've tried this pattern many times.

Is there anything cuter than a pair of baby booties??Well besides the baby.This pair is made especially for a newborn baby.Baby Booties are great fun to make and are very rewarding. Using a little yarn and a great deal of love, wonderful little booties can be made which will keep baby's feet snuggly warm and cozy.



  1. cantek tu.. kemas jer... sempat gak awak mengait yer...

  2. cutenyaaaa... ^0^ blh tny u guna what type of crochet?? ^-^

  3. kuazue : thanks..practise make perfect

    rahma : saya guna double crochet.boleh belaja2 macam2 teknik mengait ( crochet ) kat blog nih.

    kalau untuk knitting web ni

  4. Lama tak datang blog Natrah.... Ada projek baur ye..