Friday, January 2, 2009

I can't believe i'm knitting cables

Salam gentle reader

Happy New Year and Salam Awal Muharram..

I've always admired those talented knitters who can create dazzling designs like beautiful cables panel on hat or sock. I love the way when someone add some texture to their knitting. Unfortunately, at the time it was beyond my skills and confidence as a knitter.Now (wink) i discovered how to do it.And this is my first project with cable panel on it. My friend ordered this hat. You can found this pattern here. Believe me.. i'm try hard to knit this hat.After a several attempt tadaaaaaaa presenting The Nottingham Hat. VOILA!!!!

I'm proud of myself and looking forward to knit more cables. Alhamdulillah. This hat gives plenty of opportunity to practice - I'm nearly going crazy on some of the cable rounds. Practice make perfect!!!



  1. Well done, well done!

    I pun tk reti reti lagi cables :-(
    Maklumlah, belajar knitting pun from a book.

  2. he he..tq...tapi tak kemas lagik...kene banyak practice

  3. Wah.. I'm really impressed! Saya sendiri tak buat cable lagi!..

    heheh.. dah pegang mesin jahit.. jarum knitting saya pun entah ke mana dah..!

    Ehh.. tak bole jadi ni.. I pun nak cuba juga.. (hmm .. bila la tuu zura!)