Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Salam all gentle readers

I know it's been a while - somehow the time slips away and before I know it, weeks have passed! There is still little knitting progress to report, though I am slowly but surely making an effort to get the needles clicking again!

What a long weekend.I've start on leave from Thursday ( 25/12/08) until Monday ( 29/12/08), and managed to finish the baby sweater i've crochet with the baby bonnet ( i've finish crocheted earlier.Using all 5 skeins of yarn, i finally made it. Quite tough for a beginner like me.Not too neat for a first attempt.This pattern was designed by Joyce Messenger and you can find this pattern at www.freepatterns.com.

I've sew the tiny yatch button on it. Hope that my friend will love this baby set.



  1. Natrah,

    That's cute!! I pun tak pernah lagi buat the whole set :-(

    Keep up the good work!