Monday, January 19, 2009

Heirloom Baby Bootes

Salam all

I bet all of you watched AJL on TV3. I am very happy that my favourite band won >> MEET UNCLE HUSIN. Well done!!. I really loves the singer's voice. I found that his voice is uniqe and their music is different from any other band.The way he sing the song is different too and fabolous. I am really amazed with their performance last night.It was superb!!!!

Back to my craft..

I crocheted this bootes during the weekend although i have WIP project that need to be done. I like to make super easy and super fast project during the weekend ( for my blog *grin* ) . I don't like to see my blog not updated with any new post.

Back to my craft again (wink) - Heirloom Baby Bootes. Pattern from the book i've posted earlier.Quite easy to make. Just yarn used is not recommended by the pattern. The pattern required silk mohair yarn which i think very expensive and hard to find too. You know sometimes i do think that i want to move to UK or US . Reason?? Easy to buy any yarn/hook/knitting needles etc ( involve craft ).Here is way to expensive. I do bought imported yarn. And the result, i can't crochet or knit them.. I just let the yarn the way it is. Sayang la ... Silly me!!

Back to my craft again (grin) - This bootes can fit baby 0-3 month old. It is 3 inches long.



  1. Salam Natrah, Cute nya stokin baby. Mcm nak pakai jek. Tengok stokin kecik2 mcm nak ada baby lagik :) Keep a good job.

  2. tq singgah..seronok buat craft untuk bb nih..stokin ni dah selamat bagi kat kawan yang baru bersalin ari nih 23/01/ girl..

  3. Natrah,

    Lama tak ber"blog"... Busy ke?