Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Gift Set

Salam gentle reader

Is it 15 Januari 09??? Half month already.... i've got more WIP to finish!!! erm...This gift finished last night.This baby gift set is dedicated to my friend. The booties pattern Best Ever Booties is easy to crochet. I used the local yarn brand Nona , white 50g ,100 % acrylic for both booties and the hat. I think this pattern can fit 3-6 months / 6-12 months baby .



  1. hi there. Batam is in Indonesia, part of Kepulauan Riau. 45minutes ajer naik ferry.

    sori lah takkhabar keberangkatan ke Malaysia.. insya'Allah di lain kesempatan. thanks for the invitation to meet

  2. Natrah,

    Cepatnya dah siap another project?

    I'm still stuck with my baby throw (ada 3!), and am yet to start sewing..

    I look forward to your other projects to get done!