Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally finished

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

It took time for me to write again.During this fasting month i'm very the office and also when at home.Many tasks need to be done ad hoc..People keep calling..My head start to boil
.So i unpluged the wire..not wire in my head..wire connect to the telephone . Luckily i dont do this. Later i will think about doing that...will see about it .Hu hu

Well friend..I'm in deep trouble..One of my friend promise to help me...but there is always a friend change his/her mind..erm... god please help me..

Crocheting and knitting always a therapy for me..This is the result

Kupiah for my dearest friend Zana.Hope she's satisfied with this kupiah..For her son.

Nama anaknya Rizq Fitri.It's hard to crochet the letter because the yarn type is different.Make my kupiah ugly.So i just do the chain stitch.First attempt do the embroidery..Hu hu.

Top view.Hole on the top.Easy air going in n out.

Close view

Not too neat for a beginner like me.I'm still learning and will keep learning.My other friend already as me to crochet a cardigan for her.Grrr i wonder how long will it take this time..I will try to crochet as fast as a bullet...Huh..lapoo

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  1. Hi, I got your comment about the missing package. My understanding is that once a parcel reaches another country, it's the responsibility of the last person who scanned it "arrival at unit". You should go to your local Post office, tell them the tracking number, and ask them where it was last. I hope this helps. Laura