Monday, July 28, 2008

Next project

Hi friends..We meet again..I hope all of you in good health. Now i'm doing both crochet and knitting project. Just a simple one. This one i'm using the rug yarn. Crochet this pouch using 4mm = size 6 hook.

I just triple crochet all a round.

Using this hook.The double pointed tulip hook.

Currently i'm waiting item which i ordered from Kak Noraini. I bought the 7mm hook,tapestry needle with the biggest hole on earth and double pointed knitting needle. I'm rm50 poorer now. I'm involve in expensive hobby. I bought all accesories without my husband acknowledgement. He usually noticed on his own. But he never get mad. Lucky me.... Want to know what 's my next project?? Keep visiting my blog..

This is my gloves which i've finish 1 weeks ago. It's a fingerless gloves..


  1. beb..asal ko buat tu x sampai jari jemari lain? hehe

  2. isk...kater fingerless prototype je..aku main bantai buat je..takde jarum n benang yang exactly ikut lari sket hu...natrah5716

  3. haii.. jgn lupa amik award awak kat blog saya yaa...