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Samsung S4


Adoi...aku mengeluh lagi..pendek umur 5 tahun...
ESok Nuraisyah Mirza akan menjalani pembedahan kecil.. ( tapi banyak juga yang nak dibuang nih)..
Anak dara aku yang sorang nih, bukan sahaja berlebihan berat badan...tapi tisu kat dlam lubang idungnya pon lebih jugak...Oleh sebab itu..susah sket dia nak napas macam biasa...kira tisu tu dah tutup 2/3 lubang idung dia.....erm...tonsil pon ada..sian my baby... Semoga pembedahan esok berjalan lancar... n aisyah akan pulih... kurus juga budak ni ...mau seminggu tak ble nak menelan.... kuar samsung s2 pon aku tak sempat nak beli...
Tu la...macam lecturer aku cakap...banyak-banyak barang...hp  paling senang evolve...meaning...kalau korang tengok kan...kat hp version 1 ble tangkap gambar, pixel 1.0 la contohnya....harga rm 500...pastu naiktaraf pixel jadi 2.0 rege naik rm1500...padahal tu je beza...kaya kan

ni gambo samsung S4..


kalau korang notis..butang bentuk empat segi tu dah takkan ada dalam model2 samsung.. apple menang saman hehehehe

Samsung Galaxy s4 specs after iphone 5

This, of course, it seems, Samsung is the world at this time – at least in the world of Android. There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S2 last year was probably the telephone season.
And never in the latter case, discounting Apple, obviously, we are able to recall expectations and phone around the Galaxy S3.
If you need a barometer, just look at how it turned out. Not at MWC like many others, not least their event. Yes, Galaxy line received the amount which it can guarantee that treasure can only come to the opening. Very Cupertino.
But regardless of pertussis public as well as the queue on launch day, it was not a 5-star phone we wish it could be … There is still much room for improvement. Thus, some tips on what we want to see for SIV in the next year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 design:

We have lost count of the number of people we have proved our unit and from someone who said, using the words, “Yes, it’s good, but it looks like a little toy.” This is a double-edged sword: plastic can be used to help keep this phone a good light, but distracts from what should be reasonably limited devices.
A little window would not go amiss. Android customers who say that you like about apple iphone 4/4S (and we know that you will have no shortage of words), but apart from the fact that the defeat tastic, glass does add that premiums and expensive believe that S3 just does not have.
Forget what your mother told me – this is what’s around in the open air, which considers too, so Samsung Galaxy S4 should step in the design stakes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 screen
It was a major source of criticism. Galaxy S2 has been an incredible Super AMOLED Plus display – and boy, maybe it was bright. S3 increase the display size of 4.3 inches to 4.8 inches, and the pixel density has gone from 217 to 306 in the future to consider the Retina Display iPhone’s.
However, Samsung also elected for any PenTile approach, to the chagrin of nerds. What I say to the consumer?
Well, the screen looks great, but you can make out the pixels unless you really, really annoying. And some of the vigor and canopies saturation. Around the plus side, Samsung said, the screen can last longer – but we’d rather see more like S2-screen having a resolution greater.
Beam and the beam again
Samsung may be the creation of its smartphone Galaxy Beam be individuals, but we would like the opportunity to be able to beam material completely from our S4 on the wall and really show the eight basic and Super HD capabilities. Think about the people Ifans, when a specification-off, and you shine, who (literally) in their faces.

Galaxy Beam

The simple fact is that S3 was processing power to run graphics-intensive election, as well as in the store Google Play allows you to download movies. As long as there is also a way to flourish, it seems, we believe that this is a great addition.

Better charge

Plug it in and charge until it is full. It was the way in which. But we would like to visit a more complex form of charging – ditching the wires should be more widespread.
Samsung Galaxy S4 battery
Okay, we admit that we always want more. S2 1650 mAh were available as well as a 2100 mAh S3 blows that out of the water. But that’s just fine.
You can manage a day with moderate use, but when you use the phone much (and we say to watch TV shows in the morning and evening commute, along with the usual master), this phone will still wish to connect sooner or later.
Motorola has shown that this is possible due to hit 3300 mAh power pack to RAZR Maxx which nevertheless can be considered a skinny Minnie. Something of this size – with ICS and features Samsung energy management – actually function as icing around Sandwich frozen treat.
Better S-Voice
Galaxy S4 Reviews-Voice does not exist. Siri was the least mind to call himself BETA, so that it can be released, because I do not get it right sometimes. Question: I am a S-Voice it might just do not appear to be able to do much.
Undoubtedly, this will allow you to know exactly what the weather, as if you really can not be bothered to see the window. And also help you save ten seconds, setting security.
But it is simply not effective enough – and this is, frankly, awful for what is called the header function among the best in the world of mobile phones.
We really used to talk to him more often mate, as he is better. Samsung could do worse than buying a company like it’s own S4 Galaxy a real opportunity to be the best mobile voice control available.

Samsung Galaxy S4 additions

Samsung showed SIII and adopted a number of amendments – the typical things like case accented by C-Pen (such as noted in the S-Pen, but more compact), and the key to connect to a TV to stream stuff.
The question is, they are all so expensive: £ 20 for the C-Pen best out of this at £ 70 for that AllShare Dongle. They are not the main additions – and no wonder.
If Samsung made it cheaper – or maybe put them in the window that Galaxy S4 (unlikely, but we can dream), he will be doing any more happy customers.
Perhaps wisely limited package in which you spend a little more, but at the same time working to get additions … people prefer to get the most out of things when they get shiny new device.
Galaxy S4
Maybe something like conducting techniques used in the Palm Pre that never caught on. The concept is that there is no need to connect the phone directly to the board, just put it on a specific site or location will he instantly.The S3 has this functionality, but it is hardly a high-profile launch.
Or what about something really radical – like a battery that can also charge kinetically around S4. Of course, it may be slow, but it would be great if you could get the perspective and are able to get an extra ten or twenty Percent just that, so you can get a day? Radical – yes. But Samsung is known for its innovation.

Better support for Mac
Yes, we all know that many customers believe, Mac clients take into consideration only 0.000001% of the owners of Android (why do not they just buy apple iphone, right?)
But you will find a few who would like Apple Computer systems in addition to Android products. Or even before the S3, they got sad.
But Android has become the guiding principles and how storage is committed to ensuring that the result of MTP protocol, which is great along with the main window, but do not like the Apple Computers.
Yes, we all know that it can be a Google problem, and never is that Samsung could be accused of. But with that said, HTC One X also runs Ice Cream Sandwich and has processed enough to set the code for it is not considered a problem.
Please, Samsung – not close them. Frozen Treats Sandwich can be frozen – but we should not be, then, when you enhance or Jelly Bean Key Lime Cake powered Galaxy S4, let’s gain some support.

Extension speakers
How beautiful and wonderful, because S3 is, the speaker still sounds tinny. Ringtones, seems cheap and when he is on the back, they are also muted. Apple iphone at least has a little bass.
But how will a little bit further? There are 3 or 4 effective, but small speakers around the rim when you’re a musician, it comes with a little noisy bass.
Hell, even allow it to be so strong, it eliminates the requirement to travel pier, so you can be a musician in a decent amount when you slip your puppy for this weekend, or are on the beach. This would be seen as a real possibility.

Better media election
Samsung has a number of different modems is admirable – Hub background music provides ample opportunities of radio and recommendations, as well as a video hub … Well, it’s a few videos. But this is bitty and, in addition you have all Google in the media choice too. This is just one of the talents of Apple – it just all works as you ecosystem.
Perhaps, Samsung can take a look at the entry track Google or perhaps, Amazon. com to get a “super media store that will really knock the socks off Apple, if it starts S4 – to make the service, in which you get unlimited movie streaming every month in your contract.
Article based on rumors Samsung galaxy s4


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