Friday, July 24, 2009

I have a neglected blog


Yes, I have neglected my blog recently, as so often happens, because I’m both lazy and overworked — not a happy combination. My poor neglected blog. I've not been sweet to my blog lately. I've been acting like it isn't a priority. I have neglected my blog for far too long. It is a sad state of affairs. By the way. I am lacking any projects that are interesting to publish at this point in time, so this is spamming my own blog. I am so sorry to everyone who checks it regularly!

Here is my latest project. My officemate ask me to sew her baju kurung. I refused at first because i'm just learned how to sew it few month ago. But since she is a happy pregnant lady, ( takot kempunan lak ) i've tried my best to sew it for her. The result : SUCCEED. ;) There goes My 1st customer!

Till the next post .. ( i wonder when....)



  1. Natrah,

    OK lah tu, dlm sibuk2 you could still sew!

    As for malas, mmg kita akan dpt musim tu sekali sekala. I was quite free the past 3 days, tp takde blog pun - same reason! Byk benda bolrh blog, but just plain lazy..

  2. kawan mintak tolong sis....lagipon ble practise skill menjahit baju nih...berpeluh2 gunting kain benang hitam tuh..nak menjahitnya pulak beratur pin kat friend satisfied with the result..n planning to ask me to sew more baju... hehehe..

  3. Nat,
    hebatlah ko.. sempat lg menjahit tu.. pasni aku pun leh la tempah ek..=)

  4. cayalah nat...chaiyok..chaiyok...
    aku nk tempah ble???he3..

  5. isk..kat penang takde ke tailor yang oi..jauh tuh