Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malay Traditional Attire

Salam all

I figured it was about time to post something on here. Not sure who's still following this blog,but i'm still alive and currently busy crocheting 2 WIPs. If i get bored doing one i put it down and pick up the other. I also crochet at work ( dont tell my boss ( grin) ) .Yeh i love to crochet!!! Well that's for now but will try post soon again.

I bought this book yesterday from here .She offers a bead stitch class. . For those who is interested in bead stitch can visit her blog.

Malay Traditional Attire Sewing Technique book teaches you on various techniques to drawing patterns, cutting of fabrics and step by step sewing. This book is written by the famous Rosita Jaafar. With this book, I hope i can sew cloth for my family. Insya allah

Picture from Pn Zalmilah blog



  1. Natrah,

    I still follow your blog, tapi kekadang tu lambat sikit je..

    Good luvk in jahit menjahit baju keluarga..

  2. thanks sis.. for everything.. ;)

  3. dah berwajah baru, kalau rajin jenguk jenguk la.

    Kalau nak design web macam, email la

    Terima Kasih