Monday, April 13, 2009

What i've been up to...

Salam gentle reader

I know I have been quiet these past few days/months. As you know i just moved to a new house; turned our lives up-side-down, in a good way, Ok, I could say that it is a little manic some days, but mostly it is an incredible rediscovery into who I am at my core, peeling the layers that I have constructed as insulation for years, and getting to the constant choice to be happy.

It looks like I have developed new addiction in my life. Can you guess it? It is crocheted socks.
After using this pattern I got tons of ideas for crocheted socks. Now I have a new pairs and I absolutely love them.

The yarn that I used for them is from Minlon,100 % acrylic.Blue and white. I hope that one day i can afford to buy this perfect and suitable yarn >> Sockotta Sock Yarn by Plymouth Yarn.Here it cost me RM 60++ /per skein . One day day..or is anyone there would like to buy it for me.. I dont have any friend from US,UK...If i do..i'll ask them to buy it..

After see this cute socks, my DH ask me wether i can do more socks. He would like to give this to his friend who just got new baby boy.



  1. crochet atau knitting??? nampak cam knitting... anyway.. HEBAT aaargghh!!!

  2. salam kunjung balas dari akak..sebenar nya dah lama akak mengintai blog you ni...suka tengok hasil kerja you....jom lah join kami semua..sabtu ni ada meeting lagi ..sambungan dari yang lepas...hahaha

  3. Thank you for the prayer.... Its been 3 years but i miss him so v much.

    kak Ezza dah jemput tu, come and join the makcik bloggers this Sunday @ the Curve...

    Take care.