Thursday, April 2, 2009

Move to new home

Salam all..

It's 2 nd April...

I've been away aboout 2 weeks.I've many things to settle.For your information my appeal to move to a terrace quarters have been approved.I moved to new house on 29 Mac. 2 weeks before i've many particular things to do.I have to pay for new TNB n SYABAS account and then close the old quarters account. And now i also have to pay for quaters deposit too. It cost me RM813 ( deposit quarter+TNB+SYABAS). But it is ok as long as now i am staying in doube storey house.I got my own parking space n my kids can play at the playground which is nearby.

4 years in apartment though give us many memories. Both sweet n bitter. My husband did cry when we clean the apartment on the last day there. Yes we have to clean the quarters before we give the house key to the BPH. Luckily we don't do any damage to the house. Good bye house!!

My new house ( before we move in )

Syukur alhamdulillah..i've waiting for this house for 4 years.


  1. wah, best nya... lw the new hse tuh. km pun skrg tgl d apartment tp tngh cr single storey hse... ^-^

  2. Saya tinggal kat kuarters je..tak berapa mampu nak beli rumah sendiri lagik.. huhu

  3. wah.. bestnye pindah umah baru..