Thursday, December 18, 2008

Outing to Kenny Rogers

Salam all

Yesterday we went to Kenny Rogers..We went to Kenny Rogers, Jaya Jusco,Taman Equin, Puchong.

One of my friend (adik bongsu ) want to give us a treat ( syukur alhamdulillah). He just passed the exam (gomen). Well.. thank u very much. We are waiting for him to sit for another exam. The more exam passed, the more treat we have !!! (wink) ( grin)

Nat : Ya allah so delicious..which one do i have to eat first?

Kak Zue : Erm where's my drink?? ice blended whatever ??
Nat : Patient...they are preparing it
Kid : So silent? Everyone?? ....

Kid : I'm single and available ( the one who belanja)
Kak Mar : Isk..rambut dah masuk kuah tuh

Unit Aplikasi Kastam Sengal
left :: Kid Kak Mar Kak Zue Kak Ika; right:: pijui jijah me

Jijah : Isk yummy...sayang nak makan !!
Pijui : Let me taste it for you!!..


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