Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedding Season :: Sarung Telur Crochet

Salam all,

During school holidays,many people always held a wedding ceremony. Easy for their relatives to gather together. There is also many gift from the bride/bridegroom family to all the guest which come to celebrate that day.

We can see many kind of souvenir for guest either ready made or hand made.Nowadays, ready made item is popular. Cute and affordable also a lot of choices too.

Formely, late 70s ,80s during my aunties wedding ( i've got 4 aunties) they make souvenir themselves. They crochet all the 'sarung telur'. I don't know how it look like. So i've tried to make one using my own creativity ( which is not very creative i think hu hu)

So this posting is about a ' sarung telur' i made myself. This just a simple one. Just cuba-cuba. Can fit gred 'A' egg. Enjoy!!! ( wink)

I used big hook ( size 8 ) and WINA yarn. So the sarung is stretchy.The egg won't fall...


  1. Byknya sarung telur nak kena buat!!

    Ni utk wedding siapa ni ;-)

  2. I read about your DH hailing from Rantau Panjang only after posting the earlier post :) .

    Yg sarung telur yg famous in the 1970s wa of the shape of "pineapple". I pun tak ingat instruction dia, but at work some friends have that. I'll try to remember to take a close-up pic of it, and send to you, ya?

    I used to make some too masa sekolah dulu, but only for the fun of it.

  3. Saja2 buat je .....Tu la dulu2 pon tak penah tengok macam mana design...Makcik je bagitau..masa nak kawen dulu setahun amik masa nak kait sarung telur nih...nak buat banyak hu..

  4. i've made same as this. 100 pieces... memang ambil masa yg lama... heheee... tp fun n puas hati sgt2!! using it during my wedding. check out my blog for pictures ya ^0^

  5. ni version saya.. susah sangat na explain sebab tu kena guna youtube