Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Simple Knit Hat

Dear friends...

After a week of vacation,i'm back to this world of posting.While take care of my daughter ( she was having a chicken pox last week)i manage to finish a knit hat using double pointed knitting needle.BUT the result is so ugly ( practise make perfect).So i try to make another hat.Just start knitting few days ago.I knit very slow.It's about 20 rows now.More rows to go.

Notice that i'm using very skinny needle (3mm) and two color yarn.Hurt my finger.But it don't stop me for keep knitting.No pain no gain.

I want to finish this hat by this week ( hope so).This hat is for my friend.She ordered 3 hat.1 simple knit hat.And 2 more with cable pattern.

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