Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally i know how to knit on circular needle

Dear Gentle Reader

After more than 100 ( LOL ) attempt, i already know how to knit on circular needle. I've watched the video so many times and try to knit using the needle.I wonder how it turned to be wrong because I keep knitting on the one side only..I don't give up . I keep trying and trying and finally i made it.

This is only a trial.I also just want to try how to do the rib pattern.So just knit a few lines to see the result.I made it!! It's purl3 ,knit 2 around.Congrats me!!. I'm a newbie.

Moral of the story : USaha tangga kejayaan.Keep on trying.Where there is a will,there is a way!!!!


  1. wah.. teranya knit..
    mus xpandai..
    teringin nak belajar..

  2. bole tengok kat youtube...macam2 ada

  3. All these while I thought ppl use circular needles to maneuver around the neckline and/or sleeves/armpit parts. Interesting juga guna needles ni the way you describe.

  4. Pn..once we master the technique we can do anything.But i'm still learning.Right now i'm using double pointed needles to make hat..Next project i would like to try this circular needle.