Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!!!

I start working today....Yesterday i'm on leave because my nanny's daughter( my child babysitter) is admitted to the hospital due to fever.Her platlet level decrease badly.There is a story behind this actually...During the hari raya celebration,they went to their hometown.For your info,their babysitter's family is a cat lover.More than 5 cats lives together with them.Everyday..my child come home with scratch all over their body..he he..back to Shima( the daughter).Her cat was missing night before raya..She try to find that cat and..not only the cat she found..She also met a hairy,ugly and big monster ( i think hantu raya) but she just pass by that creature..The next morning...she wake up with all bruises on her body..a week after ( 12/10/08 )...she got the fever and admitted to the hospital.She cannot feel her body and his right eye can't even blink.Her mouth slope.She can't drink...Pity her...I think she 'kene sampuk'.. I hope she recover soon..

Back to my story..

This is my best hari raya celebration.I received a hari raya kad from Raja Muda Perak,DYM Raja Nazrin Shah.How??WHy??? My rutine job involve with all car dealers,agents,embassador and even king.Sounds like glemer huhu...but it's nothing...This is the royal card..To shiny to capture...

See above the DYM Raja Nazrin and her wife Tuanku Zara Salim.This is from Istana Iskandariah Kuala Kangsar.Daulat Tuankuu

I've promise you gentle reader to post the tissue box cover.See below..This is the simple pattern i've made myself.No more ropol2...

I'll show you my first bootie that i've knitted.Took 3 hours to finished i booty only..Slow like snail...huhu..Need to add some accesories...


  1. salam, boleh tak u tulis kat blog u alamat istana raja nazrin & tuanku zara.....teringin la nak antar kat royal family kalau ade alamat royal family yg lain post yek kat ur blog.......

  2. erk...tak melanggar etika ker..takut la pulak..nanti saya tanya juruiring DYM Raja Nazrin dulu yer

  3. ok....tp sebelum tu leh tak u uploadkan pic kar raya tu besar cikit....bukan apa....keciknue ya amat.....tak nampak apa yg tertulis kat kad tu....

    sekian, tq.

  4. salam kak, camne juruiring raja nazrin bagi tak akak paste alamat royal family kat blog akak ni.... atau akak leh email kan kat saya alamatnya tu...?