Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My New Collection!!

Hi gentle reader

Finally my tunisian hook arrived after two months waiting.This is my first attempt buying from ebay.While i wondering when this hook will come to the post office to trace the parcel,this hook actually already reach my office 2 months before.Safe and sound at the admin post counter..I thought that the parcel lost or something else...There is no way to find this type of hook here.Well my friend,i'm pleased to introduce to you my new hook collection


This package includes:
  • complete stitch instructions with step by step photos
  • Instructions for 3 fast,fun and fabulous projects including : Ribbed Scarf, Ocean Waves Afghan,Lacy Stole

In order to do this project i have to buy all the fancy and expensive yarn...Malaysia did not produce its own yarn.We imported it from overseas.Imported goods is expensive.Very expensive.Sometimes i think i want to migrate (easy for me to buy yarn,hook etc) because i do not have any friend from oversea .Crazy me. For info,1 skein of yarn cost RM19.90-rm59.90 ( this is the good one).There goes my hu..

Below is my daughter baju kurung ( raya punya ).My hand is so i've crochet the edge sleeves.It's a combination of shell stitch and a net(combination of 5 chain stitch to another 5 chain stitch)I'm using my camera handphone.So the image is quite blur or i can say it's blur :D.


  1. bergaya anak kecik berbaju kurung..
    hook lawa.. pandai knitting..
    mus xtera sgt.. takat boleh je..

  2. wah.. unik nye baju kurung... cantik lar...

  3. baju makcik jahit...gatal tangan tambah kat hujung jer..try an error..

    cik mus..hook dari us .first time beli dari ebay.benang je tak beli lagik...kene guna mohair yarn ..nama pon pelik gitu..sure mahal benang..