Thursday, August 28, 2008



Quite a long time i don't have an opportunity to update my blog.On monday internet line in my office down the whole day....The next day i have to conduct a training for Terengganu Customs Officers.On that day the line still on and off..On car n my lovely chubby hubby have to push the car..Luckily we managed to overcome the problem...and my rm180 flew away..We have to change the car battery.... friend in Perlis ask me to do the hp case.Make if for two.I 've finished one pouch.I put a blue tiny bell attached to the string.The other side i put a flower..Hope she'll like it.

Now I jsut started to make the second one.I think i'm going to crochet a tunisian simple stitch or a tunisian knit stitch.Only manage to crochet a few row..U can see the tunisian simple stitch on the left.She request for a purple and yellow color..Wait to see after i complete this case.

On Saturday,i went to Macy to buy a few things for me n my dearest Kak Jura.This hook is for her. No 5 & 6 tulip crochet hook.

See my shopping at Macy.All the item sell here is sell by borong..( Betul ke ayat aku nih).So cannot buy in small quantity..The price is cheap.

New yarn


See below my new crochet case.The biggest hook cannot fit in.Too big.The case is only Rm0.80.

I'm still waiting my tunisian hook i've ordered online n from ebay.I'm hundred buck poorer now.My lovely chubby hubby did not know about this.Have to keep it at the office for a moment..After raya can take home.Hu hu..OR before raya..Nanti pagi raya ble mintak ampun..

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  1. comey nyer pouch akuuu.. apsal nampak cam kontot jer.. muat ker dgn hp aku yg panjang 10.5cm tu...